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EVA Marine Flooring

The EVA teak deck as a permanent alternative to conventional floor and deck covering

While looking for a teak deck for my 21 foot sailing yacht, I came across the EVA teak deck. EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers and describes a type of synthetic substance. Since I wanted to provide the cockpit of the boat with a floor covering for a long time due to its comfort and appearance, I looked for a deck that was robust and walkable and also looked good. Furthermore, it should be quick and easy to install. A real wood teak deck was to rigid and inflexible for me, such as difficult to install and expensive. For a hobby sailor like me, however, the wrong product and so I found a good alternative in the EVA. The picture below on the right shows the EVA teak deck on my sailing boat. The left picture shows the EVA which I used.

EVA is a foam plastic with good shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The flooring is also durable, safe and easy to clean. The ship floors are usually available in brown and gray.

I ultimately decided on the brown version. When I unpacked the floor, I was pleasantly surprised at first. The 2.40×0.90×0.06 wide roll for approximately EUR 60.00 could easily be rolled out and fixed to the floor. The optics and the quality looked good at first glance. The floor was soft, but at the same time solid and robust. However, by reaching the foam with a sharp object, it is easy to damage but I don’t see any problems for normal use as a cockpit floor. It should be noted here that I would not use the floor covering for benches – it is a floor covering or deck covering!

Before processing the EVA, it is important to bring it straight. This is due to the fact that it is supplied as a roll and is rolled up. The best is to lay it out and fix it at the four corners for a while. You can then start cutting. For this you need a cutter, a yardstick, a pencil and a fixing bar. In the video, the EVA flooring is examined in more detail.

The video clearly shows the nature of the EVA and how to easily and precisely cut the EVA teak deck by yourself.

As the video shows, the EVA is excellent to work with and you can cut everything by yourself. Those who enjoy crafting will surely enjoy their own work.

The produced cuts now has to be fix at the boat. A weather and water resistant marine adhesive such as the Sicaflex 292i is good to use for that. Corresponding, permanent joint sealants such as the Sicaflex 291i are available for side joints. Due to the adverse conditions at sea, the right adhesive ensures permanent hold of the marine floor. The surface must be dust-free, grease-free and clean. That is why the GFK of the ship is cleaned with a special GFK cleaner before installation.

First you remove the cover from the back of the EVA flooring. Now the double-sided fixing tape comes out. The marine adhesive is then applied and distributed using a cartridge press and a spatula. As a precaution, the adhesive can also be applied to the ship deck to be glued. Particular attention should be paid to the edge so that it is firmly attached and does not stick out. Then the EVA floor covering including adhesive is placed on the boat deck, pressed on, pressed on, laid and weighed down with stones, for example. After 24 hours, the common marine adhesives are usually dry and can be walked on. If you want to do it exactly, you can still finish the side joints with grout. The video gives an insight into how the teak deck can be attached.

The video briefly and succinctly shows how the floor covering can be attached to the ship’s deck and shows the end result of the attachment.

Due to the individual handling, you can upgrade your own boat in a short time or make it more comfortable yourself. So you don’t have to resort to expensive alternatives to edit and attach the EVA. A certain level of craftsmanship is of course required. The result is impressive!

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